Hidden Facts of the Founding Era

Hidden Facts of the Founding EraHow many times have you been confronted with a supposedly true fact about the founding fathers that completely contradicted everything that you knew about these great men?  Maybe you were discussing our Christian heritage, and someone responded with the quote, “the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion.”  Perhaps you were faced with the claim that George Washington was a Mason and that he refused to take communion or to give testimony of his Christian beliefs.  Maybe you were told that Benjamin Franklin was a Deist who denied the concept of original sin or that John Adams believed the Hindu Shastra to be just as good as the Bible.  If you’ve met with any of these claims, then my new book Hidden Facts of the Founding Era is written specifically for you.

I have often been frustrated by less than accurate portrayals of the founding fathers, but I always assumed that the truth of our nation’s heritage was too well known for Christians to be taken in by these deceptions.  This idyllic view of American society was shattered in the summer of 2012 when a friend of mine asked me to watch a documentary on the founding fathers that had been produced by Christian radio host Chris Pinto.  As I watched Mr. Pinto’s film, I found myself thinking that surely the believers of our nation would be able to see through his deception; but when I searched for reviews of his work, I found thousands of Christians agreeing with him, and only a handful that were willing to speak out against his film.

The shock of this discovery spurred me to action, and I watched Mr. Pinto’s film again, pausing frequently to make notes and to look up his sources, until I had compiled a list of errors so long that I would have to write a book to refute them all.  And that is exactly what I did.

In Hidden Facts of the Founding Era, I walk my readers through the process of testing and refuting Mr. Pinto’s claims.  I take the time to show them the original sources of the quotes used in the film, and I guide them in comparing the facts of the originals with the false claims that are commonly made by modern historians.  Most books on the founding fathers rely on sources that are inaccessible to the average American, and the readers are required to trust the author to accurately quote those sources.  This level of ambiguity is no longer necessary, and my readers will find just about every citation to include a link to an internet resource where they can read the original source material for themselves.  As a result, this book promises to provide you with irrefutable answers to many of the most perplexing challenges to the Christian heritage of America.

Topics covered in Hidden Facts of the Founding Era include:

- A detailed explanation of the importance of studying the founding fathers.
- A chapter on the forgotten founder, Charles Thomson
- An expose of the founding fathers’ contempt for the writings of Thomas Paine
- A study of the beliefs of Thomas Jefferson
- A never before published analysis of Benjamin Franklin’s conversion to Christianity
- Documented proof of George Washington’s prayer at Valley Forge
- The most complete analysis of the Treaty of Tripoli ever written
- A list of forty-nine correlations between the Bible and the Constitution
- And much, much more…


Read sample chapters:  IntroductionThe Treaty of TripoliConclusion
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“This information is essential for the restoration of our republic, and how FUN is it that the author wrapped it in mystery (Hidden Facts)! I am honored to get to recommend it to anyone who thinks they know American History!”
- Dr. Gina: Host of the Dr. Gina Show

“Probably the best section of the book is Fortenberry’s research and analysis regarding the ‘infamous’ Treaty of Tripoli (1805). It is one of the best evaluations of the document that I’ve seen from any writer or historian to date.”
- Brian Swearer

“Interesting read. Very clear and well supported. This book is well researched. I enjoy that Mr. Fortenberry fact checks to the original and places quotes within the context they were written. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to know the truth about our founding fathers.”
- Tamara Wetzel

“In Hidden Facts of the Founding Era, Bill Fortenberry has given a ton of corraboration and detailed proof, to show that: Indeed, ‘America the Beautiful’ was founded in the Beautiful Love, Principles, and Word of God and THAT Is our Rock Solid Foundation from which we should NEVER be moved; Indeed our courts should not be ruling without the Truth of God’s Word; and In light of the very foundation of this country, there is no basis on which to rule beside the laws of God’s Word.

We as a nation have not only turned our back on the Only True and Living God, we have sunk to the lowest level of mocking Him in every way possible, compromising every jot and tittle of the very Word of God. Without serious repentance and turning from our wicked and evil ways, we are in deep, deep trouble in this one time land of the free and home of the brave.”
- Pam Caylor